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🇳🇴 TIX and Stavangerkameratene plan on language change for Melodi Grand Prix final

Listen to English version of "Barndomsgater" now

According to VG and NRK’s Stig Karlsen, TIX and Stavangerkameratene have requested to perform their songs in English at the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021.

Listen to “Who I Am” now

One of the six pre-qualified finalists TIX performed his entry “Ut Av Mørket” at the first semifinal of Melodi Grand Prix and according to VG has asked to change the language to English in the final. The artist himself states that the decision hasn’t been made yet.

I have still not decided whether I will perform the English or the Norwegian version. You will get an answer to this when I am on stage on February 20.


Similarly pre-qualified finalist Stavangerkameratene are asking to perform their entry “Barndomsgater” in the final in English.

Stavangerkameratene already released their entry in English and it’s now called “Who I Am”. The English lyrics have been written by Alexander Pavelich together with Canadian songwriter Peter Daniel Newman.

We sing in English because we have real faith that we can win, and that Europe wants “Who I Am”. An English version has been part of the plan when we first joined MGP.


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