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πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬ VICTORIA invites Eurovision fans to help with the song selection

They want your opinion

Yesterday it was revealed that VICTORIA will release her debut EP in February and her Eurovision 2021 entry will be among the five songs. Today we got more information about the selection process.

“Your opinion is very important to us!”

Eurovision fans around the world will be able to influence the selection process of the Bulgarian song for this year’s contest. In February VICTORIA and the Eurovision Bulgaria team will launch an online platform where people will be able to share their opinion about her potential songs for the contest in Rotterdam.

“The goal of our team this year is to bring the audience closer to VICTORIA and her music. This is why our focus was to finish her first EP and to release it before the contest in Rotterdam. Together with our partners from the Bulgarian National Television and our official sponsors from iCard, we decided to involve the viewers around the world in our final decision. Your opinion is very important to us and we can’t wait to read your comments about each of the songs.”

Genoveva Christova, Ligna Group

VICTORIA’s EP “a little dramatic” will be released in February and each song from the EP will be presented with a visual video on her YouTube channel. Among the potential songs for Eurovision will be VICTORIA’s latest release “UGLY CRY” which was presented in November 2020.

VICTORIA was selected to represent Bulgaria internally by the broadcaster in 2020. The song “Tears Getting Sober” quickly became one of the favourites and finished second in ESCXTRA’s Xtra Insider 2020. After the contest was cancelled, BNT decided to select her for 2021 as well. Bulgaria will take part in the second semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 on 20 May.

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