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🇳🇴 KEiiNO release the music video for “Monument”

Beautiful Norwegian landscape plays the main role

One of the Melodi Grand Prix 2021 finalists KEiiNO have released the music video for their entry “Monument”.

Watch the music video for “Monument”

During a span of three weeks last fall KEiiNO traveled from the south of Norway all the way up north shooting the music video. The majestic Norwegian landscape stars as the leading role, and several hundred reindeer as the supporting act.

Through the music video we pay tribute to the amazing Norwegian nature, and our own monumental experiences in life and every-day-heroes. You can see me pick up a picture of us from Eurovision in 2019. When I joined KEiiNO I instantly got to new friends for life. The boys has really been part of realize my biggest dream, and has become a huge part of my life. They have become the monuments in my life.

Alexandra Rotan

Currently the song has over one million streams on Spotify and the live performance of the song has over 500 plays on YouTube.

KEiiNO tell that “Monument” is about the legacy we leave behind when we are gone, and about the people who has played a big part in our lives. In the Sámi part of the lyrics, Fred Buljo, honors his great grandfather. One of the lyrics can translate to Everything you see is created by the past. Everything you hear is the echo of yesterday.

Preserving the Sámi culture and joik has been the core of KEiiNO since the beginning. And being able to introduce joik to the world through “Spirit in the Sky” in 2019 was extremely fun and touching. I also have to say that joiking together with 30,000 people at Madrid Pride is a moment I will never forget.

Fred Buljo

KEiiNO will compete at the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021 on February 20th.

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