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🇨🇿 Benny Cristo to sing “Omaga” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

The cover art released too

Earlier this week Česká televize showed a clip of Benny Cristo filming his music video. A small snippet of the song was also played on the clip. When using the app Shazam for the song, it shows that Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2021 entry will be called “Omaga”.

Cover art revealed too

Both Shazam and the website already show the cover art for the song. The song will be released on Tuesday, February 16 at 19:00CET together with the music video.

The song is produced by Filip Vlček, who will also join Benny Cristo on the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Benny has also confirmed four dancers, two female and two male, will join him on the stage.

Czech Republic in Eurovision Song Contest

The Czech Republic debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 with the song “Malá dáma” by Kabát, coming last in the semifinal with 1 point. They’ve competed a total of 8 times in the contest, first qualifying for the final in 2016 with “I Stand” by Gabriela Gunčíková, finishing 25th.

In 2020, Benny Cristo won Czech Republic’s national selection in was set to represent Czech Republic with the song “Kemama”. After the 2020 contest was cancelled, Benny was selected internally by the broadcaster ČT for 2021.

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