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XTRA DECIDES: 🇳🇴 We choose ‘Vi er Norge’ as the Melodi Grand Prix wildcard

Welcome to XTRA Decides! In this feature the team here at ESCXTRA rank the national final songs, giving our choice of the winner. We are ranking the songs using the Eurovision style 12-1 scoring system. Today we decide our wildcard for Norway’s selection ‘Melodi Grand Prix.

From the five semi-finals a total of fifteen songs went forward to a wildcard round. After giving our scores, the team has chosen ‘Vi er Norge’ by Ole Hartz to be the wildcard and go to the grand final. Check out the scores and thoughts of some of the team below.

Our Scores

Ole Hartz – Vi er Norge
12: Costa, Bente
Stina Talling – Elevate
12: Tom O, Sami, Angelos, Tim
Daniel Owen – Psycho
12: Vincent
Jorn – Faith Bloody Faith
12: Aline
RIVER – Coming Home54
Big Daddy Karsten – Smile49
Dinaye – Own Yourself
12: Tom R
Royane – Circus
12: Lisa
Ane.Fin – Walking In My Sleep29
Beady Belle – Playing With Fire
12: Nick
Marianne Pentha & Mikkel Gaup – Pages26
Maria Solheim – Nordlyset21
TuVeia – Bli med meg på gar’n20
Ketil Stokkan – My Life Is OK11
Landeveiens Helter – Alt det der7


Costa (12pts)

I was gobsmacked that ‘Vi er Norge’ didn’t get through to the final, in fact, I don’t believe this should have been in the heats to begin with. The song is high-impact, well produced and playful without being too kitch. With all the English language songs in the final, this absolutely deserves to be in the mix. Even if it doesn’t win, this would add a needed dynamic to the final’s running order.

Tom R (8pts)

A few years ago, I had the joy of going to Norway for a wonderful holiday and when I listen to “Vi er Norge”, it instantly transports me back to the beautiful mountains, stunning landscapes and community spirit that run through the country. This song definitely isn’t a Melodi Grand Prix winning entry, but, among many other entries, it deserves a second chance! This would really mix up the final, and it would be nice to see some more Norwegian among the finalists.

Bente (12pts)

Am I Norwegian? No. Do I feel intensely Norwegian when I’m listening to Vi er Norge? Absolutely. It is first and foremost a lovely celebration of a country, which honestly should sometimes appreciate itself more. The performance was really charming and I just want to talk about the instrumental for a second: it really has a medieval kind of vibe, especially the instrumental breaks. Whenever I hear this, I can’t help but imagine myself dancing to it in the Norwegian mountains as some kind of medieval woman who is having fun with her friends. Extremely specific, I am aware, but can you really blame me? It is a crime that this song did not qualify for the final on the first hand, so it better win this wildcard round.

Lisa (10pts)

What is it about Norway and their fascination with Celtic strings? From ‘Nocturne’ to ‘Alvedansen’ and of course ‘Fairytale’, they just can’t get enough of a violin! Not that I’m complaining, this is a great tribute to what Norway does best. As well as being a fun and cheeky story of the country. The barn-storming, chorus chant is what makes this so memorable, along with the traditional dance. I just want to replay Skyrim or The Witcher video games! This could easily be a soundtrack to those. In reality we all know that ‘Vi er Norge’ should have been a pre-qualifier. It is better than most of them. Maybe they didn’t want a threat to the contenders. 😉

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