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🇺🇦 Mélovin releases ‘Dance With The Devil’

MÉLOVIN, the Ukrainian entrant for Eurovision in 2018, has released a new song called ‘Dance With The Devil’!

Since Eurovision, MÉLOVIN has kept releasing music at a steady pace. He has cultivated a fanbase and has made good on the opportunity he got at Eurovision to continue a successful music career.

Listen to the new song below:

‘Provocative’ music

This is what MÉLOVIN’s team had to say about the new song, ‘Dance With The Devil’ seems to represent a reinvention of MÉLOVIN’s image:

MÉLOVIN presents a provocative composition called “Dance With The Devil”. Across Europe, he is still remembered as an artist who won the hearts of Europeans during Eurovision, and his performance is still rewatched now. Foreign media write about him, his songs hit the world charts, and even the BBC broadcasts stories about MÉLOVIN.

The new composition is a story about the artist’s soul, his mental state, and the rebirth of the image of MÉLOVIN.

Adaptations to new conditions, unsuitable for society, have had to be made, and in the composition “Dance with the Devil” the artist has invested a deep meaning in which he reflects all the emotional states that a person may experience.

MÉLOVIN’s team

Mélovin also had a few words to say about how personal this song was to him and how he hopes that it can help others:

“This song helped me to cope with the problems of my mentality in the conditions of limiting my stage activity! And I’m sure it will help you too! Get up and dance! The Devil is a metaphor in the context of a condition that bothered me and made me feel bad. I’m happy to be able to share my life through music.”


According to his team, MÉLOVIN is “not afraid of experimentation”. This might mean that we can expect to see a good range of musical styles in his music.

Later in 2021 MÉLOVIN has plans to present a video for this song, ‘Dance With The Devil’ and promises a large-scale concert in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Further streaming links here:

MÉLOVIN’s Eurovision Journey

MÉLOVIN won X Factor Ukraine in 2015 and first entered Vidbir, the Ukrainian selection show in 2017. He placed third on that occasion.

MÉLOVIN entered Eurovision for Ukraine after winning Vidbir in 2018. To date, he is the most recent Ukrainian entrant to appear on the Eurovision stage, owing to their withdrawal from 2019 and the cancellation of the contest 2020. In Eurovision 2018, he finished 17th with 130 points in the Grand Final, performing the song ‘Under The Ladder’.

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  1. Great review, thanks a lot! This new MÉLOVIN\’s song is a hot stuff, as well as his latest release \’And The Blood Boils\’ (і кров кипить)

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