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🇧🇪 Hooverphonic release Eurovision 2021 entry “The Wrong Place”

On Thursday March 4th, the members of Hooverphonic presented their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in May. With ‘The Wrong Place’, they will try to make Belgium proud. The song got sent into the world on radio channel MNM. Read more in this article!

Listen to Hooverphonic’s “The Wrong Place”

During the morning show of Peter Van de Veire at MNM, Alex Callier explained “The Wrong Place”. He said that the song is a 100% Belgian product, written by a Flemish (Alex Callier) and Walloon songwriter. He wrote the song together with the The Voice Belgique-winner Charlotte Foret. Alex also added that he didn’t write the song especially for the contest.–K7eQg2IErN0F42dNg

Watch the music video

Details from the press conference

During the press conference, the band revealed the first details of the entry. They recorded their performance last Tuesday, so the act is already ready. Of course, we are not sure whether we will get to see that performance, or an actual live one. However, Hooverphonic wants to do something with the recording anyway. Ignace D’Haese and Hans Pannecoucke work together with Hoovephonic when it comes to staging. Two years ago, the duo worked together with the Dutch delegation which resulted in a victory. Alex Callier describes the song as “vintage Hooverphonic”. It’s about a one night stand gone wrong. Apart from the Eurovision entry, Hooverphonic has also recorded a full album which will come out early May this year. The album is called “Hidden Stories”. So far, the band has no plans to perform the song live any time soon. However, Alex Callier says that they have rehearsed enough to do this when they get asked.

Hints on social media

Except for a vague hint at the beginning of February, it remained rather quiet in camp Belgium. That silence was broken again by a new teaser that we could see on the page of Later, the band published another teaser on their Instagram feed.

Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest

Belgium is one of the seven countries that have been participating in the contest since the very beginning in 1956. Of these, they only had to miss the festival three times, which means that they will participate for the 62nd time in 2020.

However, the small Western European country has already had a bumpy track. Belgium had to wait until 1986 to win their first and so far only victory and has already collected eight last places. In 2021, VRT counts on Hooverphonic to make their little nation proud.

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