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🏆 Barbara Pravi and Gjon’s Tears win Marcel Bezençon Awards

France win both the Artistic and the Press Award

Barbara Pravi and Gjon’s Tears have won the Marcel Bezençon Awards at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. France took home two trophies for their Voilà, with Tout l’univers claiming the remaining award.

What are the Marcel Bezençon Awards?

The Marcel Bezençon Awards are thee prizes for the best Eurovision song each year. The creators are Richard Herrey, who won the contest in 1984, and Christer Björkman. They named the award after the creator of the Eurovision Song Contest, Marcel Bezençon.

Back in 2002, we saw the first ceremony to hand out these awards. Two categories still remain. The Artistic Award, voted by previous winners, was then won by Sweden and Afro-Dite. Since 2010, commentators choose the Artistic Award winners. The Press Award speaks for itself, with the first winner being France’s Sandrine François. The Fan Award was replaced in 2004 by the Composer Award, where composers vote on the best song. The first Composer Award winner was Cyprus with Lisa Andreas.

The most recent winners from 2019 include The Netherlands (Press Award), Italy (Composer Award) and Australia (Artistic Award).

Barbara Pravi wins two awards for France

In yesterday’s ceremony, Christer Björkman himself was present to hand out the awards to the winners. France were the big winners as Barbara Pravi won two awards. Voilà won both the Press Award as well as the Artistic Award. The final prize, the Composer Award went to Switzerland and Tout l’univers by Gjon’s Tears. The composers, Gjon himself, Nina Sampermans, Wouter Hardy and Xavier Michel, received praise for their composition.

It hasn’t happened often in recent years that the eventual winner of the Eurovision Song Contest fails to win a Marcel Bezençon Award. Since 2012, only Emmelie de Forest and Netta failed to win awards for Denmark and Israel. Måneskin this time around also didn’t win a prize in this ceremony for Italy.

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  1. They should give an extra 10 points to sings receiving an award. 2 awards=20points . OR they should make a ceremony on the Sunday and sings could be sang again. Creating more awards, best dress, best staging, best video clip etc etc…

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