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🇳🇱 Davina Michelle rules out Eurovision 2022 participation

Thankfully, it's more of a "not yet" than a "never"

While it’s perhaps a little too early in the off season for the announcement of next year’s internal selections, it’s never too early for famous singers to publicly announce that they WON’T be doing Eurovision. Up first, we have Dutch superstar Davina Michelle. Despite her triumphant appearance during this year’s semi-final one interval act, she still thinks that 2022 is not her time.

Speaking to Shownieuws, the 25-year-old YouTube sensation ruled out representing the Netherlands in 2022. While rumours of her participation are nothing new, many fans had hoped her appearance as part of the interval act “The Power of Water” was a hint of her forthcoming participation.

She told the site:

My team and I are all like: maybe the moment just isn’t here yet. I never say never, but I just don’t feel like now is the time to do it.

Davina Michelle speaking to Shownieuws

She added that Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS had not approached her for 2022, but she already plans on declining the offer if they were to ask.

What if they asked me? Then I would like to sit around the table for this year, but I think I’ll skip it.

Davina Michelle speaking to Shownieuws

About Davina Michelle

The Rotterdam native rose to fame in 2019 when she released a cover of Pink’s hit “What About Us”. The American singer even responded to Davina’s cover, which now has over 19 million views. Back then, when asked whether she would be the host entrant for the 2020 contest, she said she was too busy to make that commitment. She had previously been rumoured to be on AVROTROS’ radar for the 2019 contest, which the Netherlands ended up winning with Duncan Laurence.

Thankfully, Davina found the time to participate in the 2021 interval, stealing the show with her powerful performance of “Sweet Water”. She stared alongside actress Thekla Reuten will star in semi final one’s “The Power Of Water” interval act, telling the story of the ‘inextricable link’ between the Netherlands and water. Notably, the single was released via BMG, the record label currently in partnership with the UK’s Eurovision team.

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