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๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ UA:PBC will host Vidbir independently

UA:PBC will take sole control of Vidbir 2022

The Ukrainian broadcaster responsible for the Ukrainian participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, Suspilne (UA:PBC) have stated that they will host their national final Vidbir 2022 independently without the help of a commercial broadcaster. Not only their Eurovision participation but also the filming of a live on tape backup performance.

UA:PBC states also that the three-year contract between the Public Broadcaster and STB ended this year. Due to the fact that parties had different views on the further conditions of cooperation, they decided to end the cooperation.

They further go on to say the following.

Public service broadcasting is the largest independent media in Ukraine, which includes the national TV channels UA: PERSHY and UA: KULTURA and Public Radio channels (Ukrainian Radio, Radio Promin, Radio Kultura), as well as 24 regional TV and radio companies.

Further requirements

Under the terms of the competition, the winning participant has:

  • To create a television version of the National Selection Vidbir 2022.
  • To create a backup television version of the performance of the winner of the National selection for showing during contest in Italy.
  • To ensure the implementation of the audiovisual and artistic decision of the performance of the winner of the National selection (staging the number) during the contest in Italy.

Broadcaster requirements.

The Ukrainian broadcaster has also laid down it’s requirements for the implementation of the national final. The implementation of the TV version of the National Selection of Vidbir should include:

  • Preliminary selection of performers, formation of the National Selection Jury, ensuring transparent voting for spectators.
  • Proposals on location, stage decision and director’s vision (staging participants and creating images of performers), rehearsals, ensuring the creation of a television version of the National Selection (including the development and production of identity and graphics package) and, if necessary, broadcasting live on Public TV speech).
  • Broadcasts of the National Selection of Vidbir must start no later than February 12, 2022.
  • The description and video of the presentation of the artistic decision of the performer’s performance during the live broadcast, should be ready on March 4, 2022.

Submission dates.

UA:PBC states that to participate in the Competition, candidates must fill out the registration form for participation in the art competition in the period from October 8, 2021 to October 24, 2021 (inclusive). More detailed information and a list of documents for registration can be found here.

Ukraine at Eurovision 2021.

In Rotterdam Ukraine were given their tenth top ten finish. This was thanks to Go_A and their song “Shum”. In the semi final they came second to Malta with a total of 267 points. In the final they came fifth, beating Malta this time with a total of 364 and in the process coming second in the televote in the grand final.

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