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Philipp Kirkorov talks to Russian media about Eurovision 2022 preparations

Philipp Kirkorov is a very well-known name for Eurovision industry. He took part in the contest himself in 1995, though for many years he’s more focused on producing the entries for different countries as Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan. This year it seems he’s busy again.

Last week Philipp Kirkorov had an interview with RIA Novosti, the Russian news source, and claimed he is going to be behind another Eurovision entry this year.

I don’t hide this fact: we are producing an artist to represent a country at the Eurovision. The song is almost ready. The artist is ready – and it can be he or she. I think, my choice won’t disappoint you all and you will be surprised in a good way.

Philipp Kirkorov for RIA Novosti

It is still a mystery what country or artist is meant to be: Philipp Kirkorov revealed nothing on this in the interview so far. However, he also told that the details will be out within next 2 weeks.

Any idea?

Nevertheless, the media and fans already started the guessing game on the topic. Many of them suggest that the country Philipp Kirkorov is behind this year can be most likely Russia.

As for the artists, they think it can be Klava Koka, one of the famous Russian young singers. For example, she was invited to a birthday party of Philipp Kirkorov’s daughter where many famous Russian artists came. Also she attended the Mad Walk event in Athens and mentioned something about “conquering Europe”.

More mystery and options

However, yesterday another Russian news source posted a sort of update on these rumours. Answering the question about the new Eurovision artist, Philipp Kirkorov claimed that he got the same question all the time and doesn’t know where the rumours came from.

Klava Koka is not the only worthy artist to represent Russia. This can be done by Egor Creed, Alexander Panayotov, great girls of SOPRANO. We have a lot of talented youth. For example, Danya Milokhin (note: a Russian young TikTok star and singer) is very charming. Individuality at the Eurovision is even more important now along with the vocal skills.

Philipp Kirkorov for

So many rumours and mystery around it again and it means we just need to stay tuned whether any related official news would appear.

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