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Monika Liu wins Heat 3 of Pabandom iš Naujo 2022

The semi-finalists of Pabandom iš Naujo have been decided!

Lithuanian Radio and Television broadcast the third and final heat of Pabandom iš naujo 2022 tonight. A total of twelve artists performed their songs, with six of them qualifying to the semi-final.

The Lithuanian national selection will last for six weeks in total, of which we are now half-way through. We still have two semi-finals and a Grand Final before we know who will fly the Lithuanian flag in Turin. The Grand Final will be held on 12th of February. You can read more about the format of Pabandom iš naujo in our article here.

Pabandom iš Naujo! – Heat 3

Below you can find the artists competing tonight, with the qualifiers in bold:

  1. Basas Pegasas – “Ponai
  2. Rūta Loop – “Call Me from the Cold
  3. Vasha – “Nepaleidi
  4. Geleibra – “Aš jaučiu tave
  5. Vilija Matačiūnaitė – “101
  6. Emilija Valiukevičiūtė – “Overload
  7. Gintarė Korsakaitė – “Fantasy Eyes
  8. Živilė Gedvilaitė – “Lioness
  9. Monika Liu – “Sentimentai
  10. Gebrasy – “Into Your Arms
  11. Mėnulio Fazė – “Give Me a Sign
  12. Lolita Zero – “Not Your Mother

The full results were as follows: Monika Liu becomes the first act of the selection to win both the jury and the televote, doing so by a wide margin. In general, the juries and the public were in agreement, with the main outlier being Vilija Matačiūnaitė coming 2nd to last with the public but scoring second place with the jury, barely making it into the qualifiers in this heat. Other qualifiers were Eurovizijos Atranka/PiN veterans Rūta Loop, Gebrasy, Lolita Zero, and Gintarė Korsakaitė.

1Monika LiuSentimentai12 (54)12 (2124)24
2Rūta LoopCall Me from the Cold8 (43)8 (586)16
3Lolita ZeroNot Your Mother6 (27)10 (1074)16
4GebrasyInto Your Arms7 (40)7 (576)14
5Gintarė KorsakaitėFantasy Eyes5 (23)6 (497)11
6Vilija Matačiūnaitė10110 (44)0 (183)10
7Basas PegasasPonai4 (19)2 (217)6
8VashaNepaleidi3 (15)3 (222)6
9Mėnulio FazėGive Me a Sign1 (6)5 (349)6
10Živilė GedvilaitėLioness0 (4)4 (253)4
11GeleibraAš jaučiu tave2 (10)1 (216)3
12Emilija ValiukevičiūtėOverload0 (1)0 (70)0

Next week: The first semi-final of Pabandom iš naujo 2022!

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