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MRT confirm revamp for Eurovision 2022 entry “Circles”

The North Macedonian entry is set for a polished production revamp before May.

Andrea, the North Macedonian representative for Eurovision 2022, will soon be able to showcase a newly revamped version of her song, “Circles”.

Earlier this week, North Macedonian broadcaster MRT promised that in preparations for Turin, there would be a focus in improving the sound and production of the current version of “Circles”.

MRT has also announced that it has allocated approximately 2,000 Euros to contribute the post-production of the song so that any mastering and final touches can be made. In previous years, North Macedonia has offered further financial support to budding artists. This often contributes to staging and any necessary improvements to their entry.  

Take a look at the current version of “Circles” below!

Source: Andrea, YouTube

Andrea’s “Za Evrosong” win

On February 4, North Macedonia conducted their first national final in six years. This was designed similarly to ESCZ in the Czech Republic. On her road to victory, Andrea was caught up in a tie with second-placer Victor Apostolovski with “Superman”. However, Andrea won over the juries and this ultimately took her over the line to victory. Take a look at the full breakdown of results here.

Upon winning, Andrea was ecstatic with the result. Clearly, winning meant the world to her, vowing to put on an unforgettable performance in Turin in May.

“I am very excited and lucky, you do not know how seriously I will take this and I will not disappoint you”.

Andrea, via MRT

North Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest

Amongst North Macedonia’s 20 appearances in the Eurovision Song Contest, they have reached the final a respectable total of 9 times. They achieved their best result in 2019 when Tamara Todevska famously won the jury vote with her empowering female ballad “Proud” and finished 7th in the Grand Final.

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