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XTRA DECIDES: πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄ Elsie Bay – Death Of Us

XTRA Decides continues this Eurovision 2022 season. In this feature the team here at ESCXTRA rank the national final songs, giving our choice of the winner. We are ranking the songs using the Eurovision style 12-1 scoring system. We’ve now chosen Elsie Bay with “Death Of Us” as our winner of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix.

Our Scores

1Elsie Bay – Death Of Us1075
2SubWoolfer – Give That Wolf A Banana1055
3Northkid – Someone811
4Maria Mohn – Fly701
5Sofie Fjellvang – Made of Glass690
6Oda Gondrosen – Hammer Of Thor660
7Farida – Dangerous630
8Anna-Lisa Kumoji – Queen Bees590
9Frode Vassel – Black Flowers400
10Christian Ingebrgtsen – Wonder Of The World360


Isabella (12pts)

Elsie Bay’s “Death Of Us” is honestly a musical masterpiece, not to mention the lyricism, as the similes and descriptive language creates stunning visual imagery. I particularly appreciate how the song continues to progress after each line, and it almost feels like were’ drifting through Elsie’s imagination as she reminisces about a lost love. “Death of Us” it is a song that could easily fit in at Eurovision and appeal to a broad range of audiences with its captivating melody and storytelling-like quality and has very strong staging opportunities, especially with the final orchestral crescendo, leading to the culmination of what is a very strong entry from Norway at MGP.

Costa (12pts)

As this year’s Melodi Grand Prix becomes more and more of a two-horse race, I am personally backing Elsie. While she’s not exactly reinventing the wheel, I cannot resist a dramatic ballad with a lush backing track full of swelling string arrangements. After seven years, this finally feels like the continuation of “Monster Like Me” that I’ve been waiting for. What ties the song together is Elsie’s crisp, clean vocal, which is easily the most impressive of the Norwegian selection this year. If this wins, Norway will secure a slot in my personal top 10, and potential a spot on the left hand side in Turin, if they can improve the staging.

Tom O (12pts)

After the exciting Melodi Grand Prix in 2021, this year hasn’t really got the same magic. ‘Death Of Us’ however stays true to what people love from Norway. This for me has the same qualities found in 2014’s ‘Silent Storm’ and 2015’s ‘Monster Like Me’ – a dark ballad with a story to tell, pulling you in. Both those previous entries earnt 8th place in the Grand Final and Elsie has the potential to reach that level in 2022.

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