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XTRA Decides continues this Eurovision 2022 season. In this feature the team here at ESCXTRA rank the national final songs, giving our choice of the winner. We are ranking the songs using the Eurovision style 12-1 scoring system. We’ve now chosen ELYSA with “Fire” as our winner of Estonia’s Eesti Laul national final.

Our Scores

ELYSA – ‘Fire’1166
STEFAN – ‘Hope’1133
Anna Sahlene – ‘Champion’1053
Stig Rästa – ‘Interstellar’801
Ott Lepland – ‘Aovalguses’730
Elina Nechayeva – ‘Remedy’670
Jaagup Tuisk – ‘Kui vaid’560
Minimal Wind ft. Elisabeth Tiffany – ‘What To Make Of This’520
Andrei Zevakin feat. Grete Paia – ‘Mis nüüd saab’480
Black Velvet – ‘Sandra’430


Lisa (12pts)

Over the last few years, ELYSA has become one of my favourite Estonian artists to look out for. From that dainty girl who did ‘Superlove’, she has transformed into an artist setting dancefloors ablaze with fiery, R‘n’B fusion pop. Everything about this is pure bait for me. The banger beats, laced with Latin castanet rhythm, through to not even trying to rhyme fire, except with bonfire! I just hope she gets to perform live and show everyone what she can do. Many people tend to lump all female uptempo songs together, but if they go back to ‘Superlove’, they’ll see she’s a good live performer.

Nick (8pts)

Talking about a throwback to the golden ages of unapologetic pop bangers without any pretentious vision to it… ELYSA is bringing exactly that. It’s just one of those songs that will be loved by half the public and the other half will probably use terms like cheap, simple, overrated or God knows what else. I, however, am in the first group. I love this to bits and I think it’s just a clever effort to try and not be clever. Just deliver a party.

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