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Full Dora 2022 voting results published

Mia got almost 2.5x the amount of televotes as last year's winner Albina!

Last Saturday, Dora returned to Opatija for the fourth consecutive year to select Croatia’s entry for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. Viewers saw Mia Dimšić win after “Guilty Pleasure” topped both the regional jury vote and televote. HRT have now published the full results.

Last weekend, 14 entries competed in a one-shot selection to represent Croatia in Turin. The results presented during the show were as follows:

1Mia Dimšić“Guilty Pleasure”91166257
2Marko Bošnjak“Moli za nas”71108179
3Mia Negovetić“Forgive Me (Oprosti)”8160141
4Bernarda“Here for Love”6447111
5Eric Vidović“I Found You”5943102
6Elis Lovrić“No War”643094
7ToMa“In the Darkness”432568
8Tina Vukov“Hideout”332356
9Zdenka Kovačiček“Stay on the Bright Side”312051
10Ella Orešković“If You Walk Away”111728
11Tia“Voli me do neba”131124
12Jessa“My Next Mistake”8917
12Roko Vušković“Malo kasnije”8917
14Mila Elegović“Ljubav”31215

The results of Dora 2022 were decided by a combination of regional jury voting (50%) and public voting (50%). In case of a tie, the song which got more points from the public vote would be declared the winner. Both the jury vote and televote had a total of 580 points to give to the competing entries in a proportional system (eg. if a song got 10% of the votes, it received 58 points).

Full results

Today, HRT have published the full results of the selection, including the raw regional jury scores and televoting figures. The figures show a massive increase in overall votes cast compared to last year’s edition. For reference, Albina got just under 8,300 overall televotes, compared to Mia’s 20,700.

The jury votes were as follows:

DrawSongRijekaPulaOsijekVaraždin and ČakovecSplitVukovarKnin and ŠibenikZadarDubrovnikZagrebTotal

2“Forgive Me (Oprosti)”7665101012127681
3“Moli za nas”248712128261071
4“My Next Mistake”



5“Stay on the Bright Side”3524
7“Malo kasnije”

8“Here for Love”1271676783764
9“I Found You”1012
10“In The Darkness”4
11“No War”5810102261010164
12“If You Walk Away”1

13“Voli me do neba”


14“Guilty Pleasure”8101212881078891

And the televoting results were as follows:

DrawSongPhone votesSMS votesTotalTelevote points
2“Forgive Me (Oprosti)”5,2782,2267,50460
3“Moli za nas”7,1616,34213,503108
4“My Next Mistake”7943321,1269
5“Stay on the Bright Side”1,6918122,50320
7“Malo kasnije”7173561,0739
8“Here for Love”3,7102,2015,91147
9“I Found You”3,6101,7975,40743
10“In the Darkness”1,8561,2033,05925
11“No War”2,3501,3823,73230
12“If You Walk Away”1,4666432,10917
13“Voli me do neba”8325251,35711
14“Guilty Pleasure”13,3887,27120,659166

Croatia was randomly allocated into the first semi-final, to be held on 10 May. Mia is scheduled to perform in the second half of the show.

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