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Israel Calling is back in 2022 with over 20 participating artists attending

Israel Is Calling!

The pre-party calendar is not complete without the annual party “Israel Calling”, which is taking place this year from April 5th to 8th. The highlight will be a huge concert on April 7th inside Menora Arena, where all artists will perform their entries in front of a huge crowd. In the days leading up to the concert, there will be a press conference and visits to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Yafo!

Israel Calling brings back the Eurovision spirit to Israel

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 artists will arrive in Israel at the beginning of April for a four-day visit and travel to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Yafo.

A huge promo concert featuring the Eurovision artists will take place in Menora Arena on April 7th, right before the actual Eurovision Song Contest that will be held in Italy in May. upcoming

More than 20 delegations of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 artists will arrive in Israel on April 5th from all over Europe and stay in the country for four days.

Previous Israel Calling events, with dozens of participating countries from all over Europe, were a great success among the artists and delegations and became an important part of the promo and exposure prior to the actual contest. In addition, the events put Israel in a positive light in media and social media all over Europe and helped tell the story of Israel as the artists became ambassadors of the country.

Israel Calling was initiated by the Israeli producer Tali Eshkoli and is a collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, and the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo which hosts the main event. The artists will spend four days in Israel and will enjoy a handful of events such as visiting Jerusalem, hanging out in Tel Aviv-Yafo, gala events, a press conference, and more.

The highlight of the visit is the live concert that will bring Eurovision back to Tel Aviv-Yafo: a huge musical event – Mini–Eurovision LIVE in front of the Israeli audience that will be broadcast live via social media to all parts of Europe. The concert will feature the entries that will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 and other surprises and will take place on April 7th in Menora Arena, Tel Aviv.

Minister of Tourism, Yoel Razvozov: After two difficult years it’s finally time for sanity, to enjoy hosting international events, and to revive tourism to Israel. This event symbolizes the recovery of the Israeli tourism sector that needs certainty and continuity but also such events to present the beauty, culture, and all the good that we have to offer the tourists.

Minister of Construction and Housing, Jerusalem and Heritage, Zeev Elkin: The municipality of Jerusalem and the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage with my lead are happy to host, once again, the Eurovision artists in their visit to Israel, and so opens the 55th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem. The dozens of delegations will visit the main attractions of the old city, will enjoy the unique beauty of Jerusalem and the rich and magical cultural variety of the capital of Israel.

Vice President of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Head of Communications Department, Noam Katz: The Eurovision Song Contest, with its joy and diversity, presents a liberal world of values with its core being accepting the others, freedom of speech, and the will to unite the people of the continent and everyone who shares the same values. Therefore, especially today when the cannons roar, the muses should not stay silent. The arrival of the artists in Israel, under the slogan “Israel Calling”, is a clear statement in favor of peace and against war.

Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Ron Huldai: The Eurovision Song Contest is not only a song contest but a cultural phenomenon that encourages values of diversity, tolerance, loving and respecting each other, of friendship, and coexistence. This competition makes us forget our conflicts for one night, to unite and be proud as Israelis. That’s why we can’t avoid mentioning the horrors that take place in the heart of Europe, in Ukraine. Israel Calling, the special promo event that will bring the best of the Eurovision Song Contest to Tel Aviv-Yafo, a moment before the actual contest, will be a celebration diluted with pain and hope. It will have a say that we should do whatever we can to stop the horrors, to lend a hand and help, to open our hearts, and save lives.

The initiator and producer of Israel Calling, Tali Eshkoli: I am excited to bring a big international event to Israel once again with artists, delegations, and journalists from all over Europe to a promo celebration prior to the Eurovision Song Contest and to acquaintance with our unique Israeli experience. We hug all artists and delegations and are very happy for the opportunity to give them unforgettable experiences like always. I am happy to produce Israel Calling after the Eurovision Song Contest that was held in Israel not so long ago and to continue showing the world that Israel is a great place for international events and to invite the artists to perform in front of the loving Israeli audience and to promote the beautiful values and colors of Israel. It will be a happy Eurovision celebration with lots of love and unity. Welcome and welcome back to Israel!

The complete list of participants will be published gradually in the social media channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/israelcalling

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/israelcalling

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