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Netta releases new single ‘I Love My Nails’

Netta, who won Eurovision in 2018 for Israel, has returned with a new single ‘I Love My Nails’. It follows up ‘CEO’ and ‘Dum’, which she released in October last year.

Netta’s return… so far

‘CEO’ was Netta’s first new solo music in over a year and returned the Eurovision winner to her fans under a new label, S-Curve Records. It currently sits at just under 7 million views at time of writing.

NETTA – CEO (released October 2021)

DUM’ was another song released at the same time as ‘CEO’. Since then, Netta has been teasing her fanbase with Youtube shorts, keeping her in touch with her fans.

I Love My Nails

Since two weeks ago, the Youtube shorts that Netta has been releasing referenced ‘nails’, going all in on the theming, which goes deeper than simple nail love. According to Netta, this song means a lot to her and ‘is about choosing yourself’. The lyrics indicate some great self-confidence from an artist never shy about delivering a message in her songs.

Listen to ‘I Love My Nails’ below and find it on streaming services:

Netta – I Love My Nails

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