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Kalush Orchestra to perform at PrePartyES 2022

After performing in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam last week, Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine will fly to Madrid to attend the final pre-party of the season. The organizers at the PrePartyES have announced this news on Monday April 11th.

The Ukrainian representatives will be joined by 27 others who are also participating in this years Eurovision Song Contest. Kalush Orchestra will not be the only Ukrainian act of the party, as Jamala (Ukraine 2016) has already been announced to perform as well. Both artists will be intending to gather donations in support of Ukraine in the ongoing war with Russia.

The PrePartyES , which is held in the Sala Riviera, is divided into two nights. Friday the 15th is reserved for artists who have performed in the contest before, such as The Roop (Lithuania 2020/2021) and Senhit (San Marino 2011,2020,2021) and Spanish artists who have participated in Eurovision before or who are known from participating in Benidorm Fest, such as Rayden and Tanxugueiras. Saturday the 16th will see 28 participants from this years Eurovision Song Contest, as well as 6 guest artists. Get ready for some long nights of dancing and fun!

There are limited tickets available for the show on Friday night, while Saturday has been sold out completely.

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