Turin 2022

Monika Liu changes staging plans ahead of first rehearsals

It is being speculated that this is connected to the reported stage malfunctions

In an interview with LRT this morning, the Lithuanian Head of Delegation stated that they will not be staging Monika Liu’s Eurovision performance as they had expected. This comes as there are reports in Italian media of issues with the kinetic sun prop.

Speaking on Good Morning Lithuania, the Lithuanian Head of Delegation revealed that they have had to change their plans as of this week, but did not elaborate on the specifics of why this was the case.

what we expected, we will not see on the Eurovision stage

Audrius Giržadas, Head of Delegation for Lithuania

Faults reported with the “kinetic sun”

It has been speculated that this is connected to recent reports by La Stampa regarding technical issues with the stage. According to the report, the movements of the “kinetic sun”, a feature of Francesca Montinaro’s scenography, will be reduced due to a fault in the motorisation that moves the arches.

The fault was reportedly discovered “in the last hours during work in progress”. Currently, the compromise will be that the sun removes less.

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