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TVP reveal Ochman’s live-on-tape version of “River”

At this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, every artist got to perform their song live, thankfully. But just in case, every delegation had made a live-on-tape performance of their performing act. Even though we did not need the live-on-tape video’s in the end, it did spark some curiousity among fans; what do these performances look like and do they resemble the actual performance we have seen on stage?

Two weeks ago, during Jaka To Melodia, we got to see the live-on-tape performance from Poland’s Ochman. It was recorded at the TVP studio in Warshaw. A few differences from the live performances can be seen, such as Ochman’s suit and actual raindrops falling from the ceiling. Of course, Ochman’s insane vocals are shown off beautifully and sound just as strong as in the live shows. The (source of great memes) special effects used in the second chorus of the song look almost the same in the live-on-tape. We also see the same Dementor-like dancers with Ochman on stage.

Ochman and his song “River” finished at a respectful 12th place with 151 points during the Grand Final this year. He became sixth in his semi-final.

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