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Ladies of Soul cancel concerts amidst Glennis Grace court case

Dutch formation Ladies of Soul have decided to cancel their concerts for September. The Ladies of Soul, consisting of Eurovision stars Edsilia Rombley and Glennis Grace, along with Candy Dulfer and Berget Lewis, do so following controversy in the Netherlands.

Controversy surrounding Glennis Grace

The controversy comes down to member Glennis Grace. Grace, who represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, needs to appear in court. The singer is being charged with public violence and abuse, following an incident at a supermarket in Amsterdam in February.

Allegedly, Grace’s son was removed from the supermarket after smoking an e-cigarette. Disagreeing with the staff’s decision, Glennis Grace returned to the supermarket with a group of her friends. The situation quickly escalated and, according to the charges, resulted in violence. One of the employees was supposedly unable to go to work for more than two months following the abuse. The case will appear in court on the 26th October this year.

Much-needed promotion difficult, say Ladies of Soul

Edsilia Rombley, Glennis Grace, Candy Dulfer and Berget Lewis formed Ladies of Soul a couple of years ago. Originally, Eurovision 2015 entrant Trijntje Oosterhuis was also part of the group. She however left in 2017. The other ladies continued, with two concerts on the program for September this year in the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome.

Those concerts have now however been scrapped. After two Covid-19 years, the group was eager to get back on stage, but as they say in a statement, the “much-needed promotion” was very difficult, following the “negative publicity surrounding the incident in which Glennis was involved”. Glennis Grace had offered to withdraw from the group, but they have now decided that it is not feasible to set up the concerts in just three months. You can read the full statement on Instagram.

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  1. You are leaving out a very essential part. Her son came home covered in blood and said he got beaten up by 5 members of the supermarket staff. When she went there to ask what happened she got laughed at by the manager. That is when the situation got out of hand

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