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More live on tapes released as AVROTROS confirm they won’t release theirs

Even though the 2022 Eurovision Contest finished over a month ago, the contest still lives on in the form of the release of the Live on Tape rehearsals.

The Live on Tapes are being released by the EBU betwen June 14th and 23rd, and are being released a few at the time each day in semi final running order.

The EBU have now released all of Semi Final 1 (minus a few countries) and have started on Semi 2 with the release of Finland’s.

The latest three to be released were the Finish, Greek and Austrian videos. Check them out below:

Catch up on the other videos here, and stay tuned to the official Eurovision YouTube channel for the release of the remaining videos if your favourite song’s video has not been released yet.

Anyone who has been following along with the releases will realise that there were two Semi 1 countries whose Live on Tapes did not get released – Ukraine and the Netherlands.

Ukraine were exempt from making a Live on Tape due to the ongoing war in the country, while the Dutch have chosen not to release theirs.

A spokesperson for Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS explained why they have chosen not to release S10’s Live on Tape.

“We have issued a request for the EBU not to publish the live-on-tape footage online. We want the viewers and the public to remember the live performance [instead]” the spokesperson said.

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