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The Voice of Holland winner Dany plans to submit a bid to represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2023

Just yesterday, we got our first official artist announcement: Noa Kirel will represent Israel at Eurovision 2023! Thus far, she is the only artist that has been announced, but other names are already floating around in the Eurovision spaces. One of those names is Dany, who won The Voice of Holland in 2021. The Dutch singer has revealed that he will submit a bid to the internal selection to represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2023.

One of the final options in 2022

Dany, also known as Dani van Velthoven, revealed in an interview with RTV Purmerend that he will submit a bid to represent The Netherlands in 2023. This didn’t come entirely out of the blue for the singer: last year, he was approached by the Dutch Eurovision team and encouraged to submit a song. In the interview, he reveals that he was among the last four in the internal selection.

Dutch singer and rapper S10 was eventually selected with her song “De Diepte”, reaching 11th place in the Grand Final. Dany admits that he gained more advice and flexibility with regards to selecting the team that he wants to support him.

“It’s a dream to do Eurovision, but then I want to give it my all. I will submit a song, but it’s not going to be my full focus. I want to fix my team, and get my career in order. Then if I do Eurovision and it all goes smoother, it will be much more fun and I assume I will do much better.”

Dany to RTVPurmerend, translated.

The Netherlands’ success at Eurovision

The Netherlands now have six consecutive Grand Final participations. In total, they’ve taken part on the Saturday in eight out of the last nine contests, with only Trijntje Oosterhuis failing to qualify in 2015. In those years, the Dutch finished eleventh three times: 2016, 2017 and this year, when S10 took #11 in Turin with her #1 hit single “De Diepte”.

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