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Let 3’s first reactions following victory in Croatia

The winners of last night’s Dora have given their first reaction as to what competing in Eurovision means for them. They will represent Croatia in Liverpool with the track “Mama šč!”.

‘Not for Dora or for Eurovision, but for Let 3’

Speaking to HRT at a press conference shortly after their victory, Damir “Mrle” Martinović, bass guitarist and vocalist for Let 3, emphasised that they entered Dora to present the song and its anti-war message, and that it was a song written for their project, without the wider competition in mind.

Mrle also said that he and the other members did not expect victory. They won Dora with 279 points, as the landslide winning entry. They also recognised that there is a lot of work yet to come, and they will continue to work on the performance in the run up to Liverpool to ensure it leaves the best possible impression. Which is to say that the very colourful performance in last night’s Dora may not be the last surprise this group show us!

They also dedicate the victory to peace and love. This interview came at the end of a long day just following their win, so expect more discussion about the performance in future interviews.

Croatia and Eurovision

Let 3 will be hoping to become the first Croatian entry to reach the Grand Final since 2017, when Jacques Houdek qualified with the pop-operatic “My Friend”.

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