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France has released their Eurovision 2023 song: La Zarra with “Évidemment”!

After a lot of excitement surrounding France’s Eurovision entry, it is finally here! La Zarra has released “Évidemment”!

Who is La Zarra?

For the past few years, France has opted to select their entry through their national final: C’est Vous Qui Décidez. This show has brought us entries such as “Mercy”, “Voila”, and last year’s “Fulenn”. This year, however, France internally selected the singer La Zarra.

La Zarra was born in Canada, but is currently living in France, where she is gathering up quite a bit of attention thanks to her song “Tu t’en iras”. Before the release, there were already speculations that La Zarra would combine signature French tones with a more modern sounding vibe to it as well.


Évidemment translates to “obviously” or “evidently”, and it was revealed live on TV in France, during the show 20h30 le dimanche.

The song has a slow and intriguing start, which has a very French sounding intro as expected, and the chorus has a strong bass and a more modern sound. The entire song is in French. La Zarra performs it well, showing a little tease of what we might expect for Liverpool.

You can listen to the song here:

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