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Tickets for Eurovision 2023 on sale on March 7

You can buy tickets for nine shows total this year!

On March 2nd, the BBC announced that the ticket sale for Liverpool 2023 will start on Tuesday 7 March at 13:00 Central European Time. Many fans have anxiously been waiting for news on the ticket sale, wondering how much the tickets will cost and what shows they could visit. All those questions will be answered below!

Where/how to buy tickets for Eurovision 2023?

Tickets will only be available to purchase at , and you can only purchase tickets for one show at a time. You must have a Ticketmaster UK account to purchase tickets, and fans are encouraged to create their account before the ticket sale starts.

You can only buy tickets for one show at a time. For the three live televised shows, you can buy a maximum of 4 tickets in one order. For the six preview shows, you’ll be able to buy a maximum of 6 tickets per order.

And beware: If you try to book more tickets in multiple orders, your order may be cancelled! Information on how Ticketmaster’s Smart Queue system works can be found here.

Prices and ticket types

As mentioned above, there are tickets on sale for 9 shows: 3 liveshows and 6 preview (also known as family/jury) shows. The Grand Final will take place in Liverpool Arena on Saturday 13 May, with the Semi-Finals taking place on Tuesday 9 and Thursday 11 May. The dates and times for the shows are listed below.

*all shows listed in local time

First semi-final: May 8 and 9

Evening preview show – May 8, 8pm – tickets between £60 and £210

Afternoon preview show – May 9, 1.30pm – tickets between £30 and £80

Live TV show – May 9, 8pm – tickets between £90 and £290

Second semi-final: May 10 and 11

Evening preview show – May 10, 8pm – tickets between £60 and £210

Afternoon preview show – May 11, 1.30pm – tickets between £30 and £80

Live TV show – May 11, 8pm – tickets between £90 and £290

Grand final: May 12 and 13

Evening preview show – May 12, 8pm – tickets between £100 and £280

Afternoon preview show – May 13, 1pm – tickets between £80 and £190

Live TV show – May 13, 8pm – tickets between £160 and £380

The following types of tickets will be available:

  • Standing (on the arena floor)
  • Seated
  • Accessible seats
  • Hospitality packages (package 1 will be available on here on 7 March 13:00 local time, more information on packages will be announced soon)

All ticket prices are inclusive of a 2.86% booking fee which is retained by Ticketmaster. There will also be an additional £2.95 transaction fee per order. will accept the following payment methods:

  • American Express
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Klarna
  • Paypal

To everyone trying their hardest to buy tickets this Tuesday: the best of luck and may the odds be in your favor!

Tickets for displaced Ukrainians

The government of the United Kingdom are reserving 3,000 tickets that will be given to Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion.

Ukrainians based in the UK via the “Homes for Ukraine Scheme”, the “Ukraine Family Scheme” and the “Ukraine Extension Scheme”, will be able to apply for tickets for all nine shows. This will be subsidized by the UK’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and a £20 charge will apply to each sale. More details of the application process for the tickets for displaced Ukrainians will be announced soon.

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