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Why wasn’t the United Kingdom’s rehearsal clip published?

BBC confirm technical issues

In a slightly chaotic turn of events, the rehearsal clips of the automatic finalists were published last night. To the surprise of many, the clip for the United Kingdom was not included. Why didn’t we get to see Mae Muller’s rehearsal?

Update 15:55 CET: reached out to the BBC to ask for a confirmation of the issues. You can read their reaction below!

The Eurovision Rehearsals Roundup

Yesterday, the Big Five and Ukraine had their second rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. At the end of the day, the official Eurovision YouTube channel was supposed to release the Rehearsals Roundup video. The scheduled time was 20:00, but in the end, the scheduled video was removed from YouTube. Both Germany and Spain decided to release their thirty second clips on Twitter before the official channel published the video.

Eventually, the video was published after midnight CET. But after Germany, France, Italy, Ukraine and Spain, the video ends. There was no clip for “I Wrote A Song” by Mae Muller. Neither the BBC nor EBU have released a statement on the omission as of yet (7th May, 09:40 CET).

Mae Muller’s reaction

All we see is one short sentence in the bottom of the description of the Rehearsal Roundup video on YouTube, where the official YouTube channel says:

Due to technical problems the United Kingdom rehearsal clip cannot be published at this time.

The Eurovision YouTube channel

Interestingly, Mae Muller herself had something to say on her Twitter account. In a now deleted TikTok video of the rehearsal, there was a very loud male vocal on top of Mae’s vocal line. This led to questions on social media, which Mae Muller answered very clearly:

It therefore seems the technical issues had to do with the vocal mixing issues the organisers are facing this week. Presumably, a backing vocal was just as loud as the lead singer herself. Or maybe one of the technicians was singing along? We don’t know as of yet. All we do know is that Mae Muller herself also had no idea how the clip was going to sound like on YouTube. In the end, there was no clip on YouTube of the rehearsal whatsoever. has reached out to the United Kingdom delegation to ask for a statement regarding the missing rehearsal clip. We have also asked them when we can expect a potential clip from Mae Muller’s staging.

Update 15:55 CET: The BBC have confirmed that technical issues are the reason behind the omission of the UK rehearsal. They also confirmed that the vocal issue, as heard on TikTok, was the problem. Unfortunately, the BBC did not confirm or deny whether we’d still get a clip from their rehearsal at some point.

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