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[Interview] Brooke’s big year with bigger things to come

We chatted to Irish Eurovision 2022 representative Brooke Scullion about her Eurovison experience and what she’s been up to in the year since.

What a big year Brooke has had

Eurovision fan favourite Brooke Scullion has sure had a big year since her time on the Eurovision stage in Turin in 2022. Along with plenty of commitments at home, she recently toured Australia as part of a set of Eurovision preview parties run by OGAE Australia.

Even in Melbourne halfway through her tour, she had plenty of positive things to say about Australia.

“It’s incredible. Australia, it’s like a different planet I don’t know how to describe it.”

“Everyone’s just so friendly, and the weather’s incredible so I feel like people are naturally predisposed to be positive.”

She certainly made the most of her time in Australia and really got immersed in the Melbourne culture, drinking a flat white coffee and attending an Australian Rules Football game while in town.

In saying that, the tour was partially planned behind Scullion’s back.

“What’s so funny is I didn’t know how this came about until Ronan [Shivers, Brooke’s manager} told me when we were on the flight over.”

The tour got off the ground with a chance meet at a pub in Turin after Brooke was eliminated from Eurovision 2022, and what started as a conversation with some OGAE Australia members eventuated in the tour Australian fans got to enjoy.

There was an added bonus to the tour for Scullion, with the chance to see friends who live in Australia that she has not seen in a long time.

Her experiences in Turin

Despite the support she got ahead of her Eurovision performance 12 months ago, Scullion was sensationally eliminated from the competition at the semi final stage. Even with how her Eurovision journey ended, she still does not have any negative thoughts towards the contest and also doesn’t dwell on what happened either.

“I have no negative connotations with Eurovision at all. It gave me the career I have.”

“Well not really, because I always live in the moment, which is a real gift that I have. I never really worry about things that happened or else focus on things that haven’t happened. I very much focus on what’s happening now and also gets me in trouble with people who are looking to see me in a week’s time and I’ve forgotten. I just love the fact that it’s happened so I wouldn’t change a thing. Obviously I’d loved to qualify but the reaction we got after was just insane. People were outraged and that’s just nearly a nicer feeling than if I was in the final and got zero points.”

What she’s been up to since Turin

The past year has been a busy one for Scullion on the music front, releasing four singles and an EP.

Scullion said that the music she has released since “That’s Rich’ has shown the growth she has been on in the last few years and what she has achieved, but she wants to go in a new direction now.

“To be honest those songs were written pre Eurovision and before Eurovision I had no reason to release them. Nobody knew who I was, no one really cared, my voice would have been lost in a lot of static, and I guess when I entered for Ireland people were interested in what I had to say and I thought ‘right, let’s release these’ because there’s a massive opportunity here to say something, and it was more of my growth as a person.”

“The whole album just reflects a maturity kind of development because when I started the album I was really young, it was probably over a course of two years I wrote those songs. The whole theme was like showing an immature perspective of life and love and then obviously enough happens and that’s when you get your heart broken and you just focus on the futuristic, the person you want to become at the end of the album. That’s the way I looked at it and I’ve actually put them in order of chronologically when they were written and the person that I was. It was more themes about me, a personal look on my life, but the music I want to release now is upbeat fun pop. I want people to dance when they come see me.”

Dancing with the Stars

Another big part of 2022 for Scullion was an appearance on Dancing with the Stars in Ireland where she made the final but unfortunately did not win.

She cannot speak highly enough of the experience.

“Dancing with the Stars was crazy. It’s been unbelievable, there’s not a negative thing I can say about that. I learned how to dance, I learned discipline, I learned how to work in that environment, on TV, It was just amazing. The glitter, the costumes, the concepts.. it was unbelievable.”

What’s next?

The Australian tour was not the only big show in store for Brooke in 2023, with her own headline show back in Dublin set to happen later tonight European time.

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