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Alexander Rybak harassed by stalker

The Norweigan singer has come forward about his recent struggles with stalkers and how they’ve delayed his new music.

Alexander Rybak, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, posted a video on his TikTok account detailing his struggles with a stalker while living in Los Angeles, California. He said that the stalker has distracted him from his goal of writing new music and organizing a concert tour.

“She has been harassing me every day for a long time,” he said in the video, “even showing up at my house at night.”

There is reportedly a second person obsessed with the singer. Rybak details how the Instagram account targets women he follows. It “doesn’t matter if it’s women I work with, women I’ve dated, my fans, as long as they have a picture together with me, they get the most evil things written about them on the internet every day.”

His fans are what encourage him to continue making music, saying “Honestly sometimes I just want to move to the forest and live a private life. But because of you, I remember how much I love making music.”

Alexander Rybak said he couldn’t let the stalkers win and then thanked his fans for their continued support. He didn’t release any information on the individuals who have invaded his life. He said that the situation has made the year difficult for him and his friends.

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