Luke black releases new music video “I’m so happy”

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The 31 year old Serbian star is out with his first song since “Samo me se spava”

After placing 24th in the Eurovision 2023 final, Luke Black is finally back with new music. With inspiration from both Lily Allen and Nirvana, “I’m so happy” is a seemingly upbeat song with more somber and sarcastic lyrics and a grungy undertone. With lyrics like “people throwing bombs around me but I just smile”, Black establishes a contrast between melody and lyrics that can only be described as jarring and creative. The music video plays on these themes by showcasing distorted images of Black in different situations. In one shot, Black is taking some kind of glowing medicine, and in another shot, he has eyeshadow running down his cheeks.

Faking it

Black recently said in an interview with NME that the song was inspired by the superficial conversations you have with people you don’t know too well yet. Black attends university in London, and in the UK, things are a bit different than in Serbia:

“I was walking around with my friend and we were constantly joking about how weird it was when you’d ask someone at school or on the street how they were doing over here and they’d be like, ‘Good, everything’s fine!’.

“Culturally, in my country when you ask someone how they’re doing they start spilling their emotions out! Here, everyone is so chill. I was trying to learn and not overburden everyone with my emotions. Who cares? I tried to learn how to say, ‘I’m so happy and life is good’ – even though really I was tumbling down!”

You can watch the music video and listen to “I’m so happy” below. Please be aware that the music video contains strobing lights and imagery that might trigger seizures in people with epilepsy.

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