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Joost Klein to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision 2024

Broadcaster AVROTROS have confirmed that rapper Joost Klein will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. They announced the news this morning on all social media platforms.

Who is Joost Klein?

26-year old rapper Joost Klein hails from Leeuwarden, in the north of the country. One of his most successful singles is an ode to his birthplace. Together with German rapper Ski Aggu and legendary Otto Waalkes, they released Friesenjung last year. The song flew to the highest regions of the German and Dutch charts. He’s released multiple albums and singles and is hugely popular in his home country.

The rapper started an initiative to represent his country in Malmö in summer. Supported by 25,000 signatures and the DJs of radio station 3FM, he handed in his application to AVROTROS. Now, the broadcaster has agreed to his proposal: Joost Klein will fly their flag at the stage in Malmö. The genre to expect from the Netherlands can be classified as hiphop, rap or the so-called gabberpop, which is what you can listen to below in Friesenjung.

Head of Delegation Twan van den Nieuwenhuizen gave Joost a call to inform him that he was indeed the chosen one to represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2024. He was chosen from a selection of over 600 entries, which included other popular singers like Douwe Bob and Numidia. Last week, rumours arose that Numidia, Karsu Dönmez and Ilse DeLange (half of The Common Linnets) were the remaining three candidates. Those rumours now turn out to have been false, as rapper Joost Klein is the one to represent five time winners The Netherlands in Malmö!

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