O melodie pentru Europa – Final

After two long semifinals to weed out eight songs from the Moldovan selection, we are left with a Grand Final tonight containing 16 entries, one of which will go on to win the Moldovan ticket to Vienna, Austria.
Nick van Lith and I will guide you through tonight’s mammoth four hour blockbuster as we watch on to see who will be victorious tonight.
The running order, as determined by the qualifiers selecting their position after each semifinal, is as follows:
1 – Miss M: “Lonely Stranger”
2 – Irina Kitoroagă: “I’m Gonna Get You”
3 – Eduard Romanyuta: “I Want Your Love”
4 – Dana Markitan: “Love Me”
5 – Diana Brescan: “Up and Down”
6 – Donița Gherman: “Inimă fierbinte”
7 – Doredos: “Maricica”
8 – Stela Boțan: “Save Me”
9 – Mihaela Andrei: “About Love”
10 – Lidia Isac: “I Can’t Breathe”
11 – Glam Girls: “Magia”
12 – Sunstroke Project & Michael Ra: “Day After Day”
13 – Julia Sandu: “Fire”
14 – Serj Kuzenkoff: “Danu năzdrăvanu”
15 – Marcel Roșca: “Feelings Will Never Leave”
16 – Valeria Pașa: “I Can Change All My Life”

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