Vienna 2015

Andreas Kümmert landslided USfÖ

NDR have just sent out a press release revealing the result of last night’s superfinal. Andreas Kümmert and his Heart of Stone collected a massive 78,7% of the votes, whereas Ann Sophie and her Black Smoke only got 21,3%.
Despite this result, Andreas Kümmert will not represent Germany in Eurovision 2015. He, in a chaotic and confusing moment, decided not to accept the choice of Germany for personal reasons. Instead of that, he suggested Ann Sophie would take over. Host Barbara Schöneberger immediately acted on Andreas’s decision and announced Ann Sophie would indeed represent Germany in Vienna.
NDR have now also stated that all unexpected scenarios were discussed before the show. That’s why the liberty Barbara Schöneberger took to decide upon the procedings was, according to NDR, justified.
Watch the most confusing moment of the Eurovision season below!

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