Former ESC stars join forces

Rok featuring Yohanna – “Find a better man”

Trausti Haraldsson, composer of “Minn hinsti dans“, and Yohanna join forces in Rok, a new Icelandic band founded in 2015 by Gudni Thor Thorsteinsson and Trausti Haraldsson. The song “Find a better man“, a duet with Yohanna (Jóhanna Guðrún), is the first single released by Rok.
The song is about the importance of honesty and realism in relationships between two people. Yohanna was chosen to represent Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia, with the song “Is It True?“, earning second place.
The idea of Rok arose when Trausti Haraldsson attended a concert with a band named Kvika where he met their singer and composer Gudni Thor. After the concert, they decided to meet and the following year they managed to write 30 demos and the song “Find a better man,” was the first song they wrote together.
Trausti Haraldsson has been composing music for the last 20 years and has mostly worked on songs for Paul Oskar Hjálmtýsson who is a superstar in Iceland. The best known songs are the songs “La Dolce Vita” and the Icelandic Eurovision 1997 entry “Minn hinsti dans” (and its English version, “My Dear”), a controversial act that raised several eyebrows back in the day for its sensuality.
Gudni Thor Thorsteinsson is the songwriter and singer of the band Kvika which was founded in 2013. In 2014 they released their first album in Iceland and were nominated in 2015 as the best Rookie of the Year in the audience award.

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