EurovisionVienna 2015

Reviewing Austria and Germany

As we continue our series of reviews, we now move on to the final. Today, our team reviews host country Austria and their neighbours in Germany. Can any of these songs impress us more than Ireland did?
The Makemakes – I Am Yours
Peter: This has grown on me over the last few weeks, but it seems to be having more of an instant impact on some casual listeners, so this could take us all by surprise on May 23rd – watch this one.
Score: 6/10
Simon: I’ve not quite fallen in love with this song yet; I think I may once I see it performed live. Will stand out wonderfully from the processed ballads this year.
Score: 7/10
Nick: It starts and it ends, what else is there to say? The song would have potential, but somehow they don’t manage to bring it to life. It just sort of passes you by…
Score: 4/10

Credits: Milenko Badzic
Dan: Another one of this year’s songs that just does not click with me. I really don’t get this – sure the lyrics are nice but I think the melody itself is weak and one that is easily forgotten. That being said, like The Netherlands last year, its one of those songs that you probably wouldn’t with Eurovision if you heard it on the radio for the first time.
Score: 3/10
Rodrigo: Think this is one to watch. No one’s talking about it, but it has a very nice melody, great lyrics and a solid performer. One of the best efforts of this year.
Score: 8.5/10
Rinor: Although I haven’t listened to the Austrian entry a lot this year, I think it’s a very decent song. Not sure if I can predict how it’s going to finish, but I’d love to see Austria in the Top 10 again this year.
Score: 8/10

Ann Sophie – Black Smoke
Peter: How many British-written songs have the Germans sent of late? Most of them are better than the actual British entries – not bitter at all. Anyway this feels like Lena mark 2. It’s catchy and radio-friendly, but I don’t fancy its competitive chances.
Score: 7/10
Simon: Here is evidence that there is smoke without fire. I like her voice but it doesn’t quite fit. Next.
Score: 3/10
Nick: Hail Ann Sophie. When you get the burden of representing a nation who don’t even really want you (come on, 22% of the vote in a superfinal…), you need to do something special. And she manages to do that. Great stuff, quirky, on the edge, but still a safe bet. Can’t see it troubling the scoreboard too much, sadly.
Score: 8,5/10
Dan: This is a strange one for me – some days I like it and on others I really can’t be doing with it. Ann Sophie is a great performer and she’ll definetely give it all shes got on stage, but the song itself is a style we see fairly often at the contest, especially from Germany. And for that reason alone, I don’t think we can expect a top 10 result this year.
Score: 4/10
Rodrigo: It is unfortunate that she made it to Eurovision the way she did, but the whole atmosphere of the song works perfectly, her voice is amazing (reminds me a lot of Lena) and she delivers a good performance.
Score: 8/10
Rinor: I feel like I’ve heard this tune like a million times, and it’s nothing new to the Eurovision stage either. I think it’s overall a decent song, but in my opinion, has no chance of bringing Germany back to the Top 10.
Score: 5.5/10

The story so far…
We can now present you a first top ten of this year’s Eurovision. We have now reviewed ten songs, but who’s in the lead…?

  1. Austria – 6.08/10
  2. Germany – 6.00/10
  3. Ireland – 5.64/10
  4. Serbia – 5.43/10
  5. Czech Republic – 5.14/10
  6. Lithuania – 4.79/10
  7. Israel – 4.64/10
  8. FYR Macedonia – 4.14/10
  9. Armenia – 3.71/10
  10. Moldova – 2.79/10

So there we are, both Austria and Germany manage to outscore Ireland and move into first and second. Can they hold on for more than a day? Stay tuned tomorrow when we’ll have a look at Belgium and San Marino!

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