Get ready for a new Eurovision supergroup!

There is always a lot of talk from Eurovision artists in the days following on from the contest about collaborations that are in the pipeline. Sadly, many of these never seem to materialise in the cold light of day once the artists in question have come down from their post-event high – we’re still patiently waiting for the pop music game-changer we’ve been promised from Conchita, Ruth Lorenzo and Suzy for example.
However, this year a selection of artists who participated in Vienna have actually taken their plans forward and got together to record a song, which we will be able to hear very soon indeed!
Elhaida Dani (Albania), Elina Born (Estonia), Maria-Elena Kyriakou (Greece), Stephanie Topalian and Tamar Kaprelian (both members of Genealogy from Armenia) have teamed up to record ‘The Otherside’ as announced by Tamar on Twitter. According to her post, both the song and music video will be made public on Tuesday 23 June, so we have less than a week to hear what they have come up with.
Are you excited to hear what this brand new Eurovision girl group have to offer? What other artists from this year would you like to see teaming up? Let us know in the comments!

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