Lys Assia has no time for hospitals

The first ever Eurovision winner, Lys Assia, is one tough lady. The 91 year old fell on her balcony last weekend and had some injuries. When the doctors wanted to keep her at the hospital, Assia was clear: “I don’t have time for things like that..”
The Refrain singer hurt her arms and knees and needed to go to hospital for her injuries. She later left the hospital with eightteen stitches. With her high age, the doctors said it’d be a good idea for Assia to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. Aged 91, Assia has other things to do and decided to ignore the doctor’s advice: She simply went home the next morning.
The decision fits Lys Assia like a glove. The Swiss Grande Dame of Chansons loves her own home and doesn’t even want to think about a retirement home. In the past year, Lys Assia has been struggling with her health, but she’s not giving up.
We’d like to wish Lys Assia a speedy recovery and we hope to see her in Stockholm in 2016 for another special appearance!

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