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Summer releases – Part 2

Hi again, boys and girls!!!! 😀
To continue this series of Summer releases we have chosen some Eurostars of past editions but included a BRAND NEW release of this year’s Israeli star, Nadav Guedj! Take a look with us and let us know what YOU think!! 🙂
Nadav Guedj (Israel) – Summer Together

“Summer Together” is the new song of the 16 year-old. This is not just another track for our “Golden Boy”, but the official song for the Coca-Cola Summer Love 2015. Summer Love is one of Israel’s biggest parties, including all sorts of activities mainly focused on sports, fashion, food and live music for young people.
Regarding the track, published today, it is a laid-back tune, funky and not pretentious but quite enjoyable and light enough to make pop music lovers happy for just a bit over 120 seconds. The video shows Nadav enjoying himself with friends and performing, very appropriate scenarios, representing what both the song and the festival mean.
Harel Skaat (Israel) – Hollow

Staying in Israel, we take a look at “Hollow”, which is Harel Skaat’s new single. The official video was published in early July on Skaat’s YouTube channel.  This is a song dealing with the feelings of heartbreak and void after the failure of a relationship “Nothing matters anymore, I’m hollow, hollow, hollow”.  At times, Harel seems to struggle with the English language and that decreases the quality of the performance. All in all, the song is good and adult. The absolute pearl is the video, showing the complex situation of a love triangle where Skaat is in the middle, in love with a girl and her boyfriend, ending up alone.
Shiri Maimon (Israel) – אוויר (Avir)

Israeli singers have been busy this summer!! Ten years (OMG!!) after her ESC adventure with the unforgettable Hasheket Shenish’Ar, Shiri Maimon brings us some “Air”, as this song is called. A beautiful melody together with Shiri’s amazing vocals make “Avir” a new evergreen in her career, at least in my opinion 😉 Her performance is flawless and comes straight from the heart, that is why there is no need to speak Hebrew in order to fall in love with it… 2005 happening all over again!! Twelve points for you Shiri!!
Nicki French (UK) – This Love

After Stockholm 2000, it seemed like Nicki’s career went a bit slow in terms of new music, given that she only released two albums in 15 years. Well, if you’re a Nicki fan, here’s the good news: new album coming up!!! It is called “One Step Further” (like the UK’s Eurovision entry in 1982 haha) and it features “This Love” as the first single! It is a great comeback for French, who has managed to offer here a current dance sound, trying to say she’s here to stay despite the fact that 20 years have gone by after her smashing remix of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”. The video tells the story of an elderly gay man who remembers the love of his life, in his younger years. A big LGBT community supporter, she also gets our support back!
Barbara Dex (Belgium) – Falling In Love

Kate Ryan’s unofficial older sister (Doesn’t it look like it??) and the not-so-proud name of the fan “award” given to the worst dressed of the ESC every year, released “Falling In Love” last month. This is a retro pop track, inspired by those classic ’60s boogie tunes to shake what your mamma gave you. Lots of sense of humour here and also in the video: Barbara looks hilarious (in a good way) and behaves as naughty and free as she is supposed to, she even “plays” the sax! LOL! This song has some points in common with a world-wide hit, “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. Not super original but catchy and fun!

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