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Summer releases – Part 4

Hi all!!
A new week begins and it brings with it the fourth part of our summer releases recap/review!!
Today, we’re gonna be travelling all over Europe for our analysis, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!! πŸ˜€
OPS (Romania) – S.A.M.P. (She’s After My Piano)

This is the third version of this song we get to hear. The first version was performed by Belgian group 2 Fabiola when they competed at the 2014 Belgian national selection for Eurovision. Then, Ovi (composer of the song) made his own version with Paula Seling, for Ovi’s 2014 album “A Bit of Pop Won’t Hurt Anyone”. Time for version number 3 now: Fun track with that sort of 1940s trumpet/piano sound mixed with electro bits and the great vocals from the newly-formed duo OPS (same people, different name). Ovi and Paula, we love you but it is time to hear something brand new, don’t you think?
Severina (Croatia) – Calimero

This lady is absolutely nuts!!! You gotta love her sense of humour, regardless of liking her voice and/or the music she makes. “Calimero” is a track that can remind you of her ESC entry “Moja Štikla”, but in a slower tempo. There is not a lot to say about the song, which is a little bit plain, on the edge of boring… THANK GOD she made this video!!! It is complete nonsense and totally hysterical, the star of this new work is the video, without any doubt. Just try to avoid staring at her lips and you’ll enjoy it πŸ˜‰
Eldar Gasimov (Azerbaijan) – Closer

Eurovision winners have also been busy making new music… Example 1 is Azeri Eldar Gasimov, with “Closer”, a video released in late June, after releasing in May a collaboration with ESC star Zlata Ognevich, called “Ice & Fire”. “Closer” is a sensual R&B track that I find really fresh and unexpectedly adult. It is a great piece, in spite of the many times we can hear the song’s title, with a suitable video accompanying it. However, the video is a little bit confusing… Anyway, I’ll try to explain it the way I see it: It all starts with Eldar and a blonde girl looking distant and mad at each other, going through a couple crisis. Then, Eldar fools around with ALL the girls he can find. The problem is that, all of a sudden, the same girls start rejecting Eldar and even kiss each other!! By the end of the video, the blonde girl reappears and takes Eldar back (for some reason we’ll never get) and passion bursts, even in the shower!! All in all, a very good product.
Kristína (Slovakia) – Ta Ne

Hard to translate, “Ta Ne” is an expression they use in Eastern Slovakia and gorgeous Kristína uses it here to say “No” to a guy who falls deeply and instantly in love with her while taking a train together as fate made their paths cross. The song is massive fun and the video even more so!! She gets tired of rejecting the guy everywhere she goes and decides to give him A GOAT to keep him busy… Very tongue-in-cheek, not sure what countryside Slovaks may think of that stereotype haha. Cool sound, very appropriate for this time of the year. Reminds me of the summer beats we usually hear from Romanian artists. By the way, I LOVE the silly choreography she performs in different outfits!!! I must admit I watched this one a few times because it is a feel-good song! πŸ™‚
Helena Paparizou (Sweden/Greece) – Love Till It’s Over

Another ESC winner releasing new music this summer was the one and only Helena Paparizou!! “Love Till It’s Over” is a strong EDM (Electronic Dance Music) love anthem, of course, made by Greek DJ duo HouseTwins. Helena’s voice sounds excellent on this music genre, hopefully it won’t be the last we hear from “Electro Paparizou”. The video presents Helena and the HouseTwins guys rather briefly as the focus lies on the story of a young (and in this case, failed) love story as well as the real love relationship between a young girl and her father, despite her rebellious teenage behaviour. The racing cars and Helena walking around singing on her own do not make much sense but we are still thankful we could see her on the video instead of only being a featured voice without a face. Fantastic tune!
Hungry for more? Then stick around, there’s more to come soon!! πŸ˜€

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