MØRLAND & … eh, just MØRLAND

Kjetil Mørland, who represented Norway in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, is finally releasing his first solo single, “No Firewall”.
During the past week and a half, Kjetil has revealed one piece a day of the art work for “No Firewall” on his Instagram, and today he posted the final piece. And the result?

Photo; Mørland's Instagram
Photo; Mørland’s Instagram
After living in Brighton for several years, Kjetil has now moved back to Norway. So far in his career he has always worked with other people; in England he was part of the band Absent Elk, and then he worked with Debrah Scarlett on “A Monster Like Me”.

Now he has decided it is time to show the world what he can do when he’s going it alone, and “No Firewall” is the perfect song in this respect. During the NRK morning radio show “Nitimen” yesterday he explained the title of his first solo single; “Well, it¨s really just another metaphore for not having a safety net, no parachute. It’s about all of sudden becoming single, about ending a long relationship and having nothing but a clean slate.” Which is pretty much how it must feel to be going solo musically as well.
Yesterday morning he premiered “No Firewall” both on tv and radio; first in the tv2 morning show “God Morgen, Norge” and then on “Nitimen”. And today the song was released for download and streaming . There will be an album in the not too distant future, but we don’t have a release date for that yet.
Until then; Enjoy “No Firewall”.

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