Bulgaria 2015

Gabriela Yordanova is the home entry!

Bulgaria’s national final took place tonight to decide upon its singer for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and the winner was 12 year-old Gabriela Yordanova.
Last week, 4 semi-finals took place, where three singers qualified from each heat, giving a field of 12 tonight. Each of the contenders sang a three minute pop song, and after the votes from the public and professional jury were counted, Gabriela came out on top.
In the 2014 contest, Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim gave Bulgaria a 2nd place finish, but because winners Italy declined to host, the contest will be held in Sofia, meaning Gabriela will represent her country on home turf.
Now, Gabriela will work with broadcasters bTV and BNT (jointly hosting the contest) to come up with her song for the contest, and it will be announced at a later date.
In the mean time, here is one of Gabriela’s performances from the selection process. Will she do the host country proud?

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