TRT said to have asked for extended deadline

According to Turkish Eurovision website, TRT have told them that they have not yet confirmed participation for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. The Turkish broadcaster is said to have asked for an extended deadline.
Ever since the 2015 contest, rumours about a Turkish return were omnipresent, with TRT remaining silent. However, as the first deadline passed and the second is quickly approaching, it was expected that we’d hear a final decision from TRT soon.
TRT have supposedly said that their preliminary decision was not to participate in Stockholm, despite giving early signals this year that they would. As the article says, TRT are said to have asked for their deadline to be extended so they can take the right decision. If the extended deadline is granted, we probably will not see a final decision by TRT until November.
Turkey withdrew after the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. They criticised the concept of the Big Five and the voting procedure and demanded changes for them to return to the contest. Such changes have not been made by EBU nor is it expected that they will.

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