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TVP opts for internal selection – Our possible candidates

Polish broadcaster TVP approved budgetting for Eurovision 2016 ages ago, but now they’ve officially released a statement saying they will indeed travel to Stockholm. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that Poland will once again opt for an internal selection.
Ever since returning in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014, Poland has selected internally, resulting in a qualification for the final in both 2014 and 2015. The question is who will represent Poland in Stockholm. Popular choices Margaret and Sylwia Grzeszczak have both basically ruled out participation. Margaret has said she believes she is not the most suitable artist to defend the Polish colours. As for Sylwia… Well she’s pregnant and has cancelled all her plans, so we can rule her out too.
That leaves a couple of names we could discuss in order to answer the question who will represent Poland. This is purely our thought on what Poland has to offer…
First of all, there’s Michal Szpak. The 24 year old singer was the runner-up on X Factor in 2011 and is known for his androgynous look and his voice. The singer has openly said he’d be honourd to represent Poland and would never decline the offer. Question is: Will TVP take him up on the offer or will they select somebody else? Meanwhile, check out his latest single, Jestes Bohaterem, below.
To continue with last year’s rumours, there’s Doda. Her song Riotka was rumoured by many to be selected as the Polish entry, but we heard nothing from TVP or Doda regarding the matter. Logical, as in the end, Doda was not the name TVP was planning to put forward. No doubt she’ll be mentioned again this year after her most recent single Nie Pytaj Mnie.

Back in 2014, there was a song which scored over 30 million YouTube views. That made TVP think… Should we send it to Copenhagen? In the end, Donatan & Cleo were indeed selected for Eurovision 2014 with their monster hit My Słowianie. This year, there’s another song with over 30 million views… By Sarsa. Her song Naucz Mnie is a hit in Poland and such domestic success may trigger the broadcaster to give Sarsa a call.

If Poland want to do something entirely different, Enej would be a good choice. Their combination of folk, pop, ska and rock would certainly bring a new sound to Stockholm. The question would be how Europe would appreciate that sound… If Poland are willing to take a gamble, then Enej may well be frontrunners for 2016. Below is their single Kamień Z Napisem.

Finally, we’ve come up with a duo: Liber & Natalia Szroeder. They both do solo music too, but they’re better together. Liber has worked with Sylwia Grzeszczak too and admittedly, a rapper normally doesn’t do too well in Eurovision, but the combination of these two does work. Natalia’s solo work often is a bit too sweet and Liber’s solo work is too… ‘rappy’, but together it works. Below is their 2014 single Teraz Ty.

Our list has mentioned a few names now, but there’s no guarantee that any of these will even be considered by TVP. There’s certainly something to say for all of these, so our question to you is simple: Who would be your ideal candidate for Poland in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest?

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