Stockholm 2016

A Dal 2016 launched

Hungary has confirmed that it will be taking part in Eurovision 2016, and that it will be using the popular A Dal competition to find its entry.
This will be the 5th year that the competition has been held, and the rules will stay the same as previous years more or less, with preliminary heats and a final being held, and voting being conducted by the public and a jury.
The rules state that artists must be citizens of Hungary or speak Hungarian as a native language, but this does not apply to songwriters. It is preferred that the songs are submitted in Hungarian, although songs in English will be accepted as long as they are accompanied by a Hungarian version of the lyrics.
The songs can be submitted until Wednesday 25 November, and the detailed rules can be found on the official website. Last year, Hungary finished 20th in the Eurovision final with Boggie and ‘Wars For Nothing’ whilst the most successful result achieved by an A Dal winner at Eurovision came the year before, with ‘Running’ by András Kállay-Saunders finishing 5th in Copenhagen.

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