Bulgaria 2015

Junior Eurovision running order decided

The running order for this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest has been decided at a special event in Sofia.
The delegations and performers themselves were present for the draw to decide where in the show each country will perform at the contest this Saturday night. As hosts, Bulgaria drew their exact position randomly first of all, and they drew position 13. Will it be lucky or unlucky for them?
After that, each country in turn picked out of a hat whether they would perform in the first half, the second half, or in the case of two countries, first position or last position (Serbia and Montenegro drew these slots respectively).
Then, the producers retreated to fit together the jigsaw of the running order, and now we know that the countries will perform in the following order:

  1. Serbia
  2. Georgia
  3. Slovenia
  4. Italy
  5. The Netherlands
  6. Australia
  7. Ireland
  8. Russia
  9. FYR Macedonia
  10. Belarus
  11. Armenia
  12. Ukraine
  13. Bulgaria
  14. San Marino
  15. Malta
  16. Albania
  17. Montenegro


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