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Deen, Dalal and Ana for Bosnia-Herzegovina!

Just a day after confirming their participation in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, Bosnia-Herzegovina have revealed who’s going to represent them in Stockholm. Deen and Dalal have been announced as their entrants.
The announcement was made during a special press conference, aired live on BHT1. Deen is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest, after famously representing his country back in 2004 with his remarkableย In The Disco. Dalal Midhat-Talakic is a singer-songwriter.
The song the duo will sing will be revealed at a later date and will be chosen internally. It has been announced that it will be revealed in late February and it’ll be composed by Almir Ajanovic. On stage, Deen and Dalal will be accompanied by Croatian cellist Ana Rucner.
For now, let’s take one more look at how Deen introduced himself to Europe back in 2004…

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