Xtra Eurovision Advent Calendar; 13 December

In the Nordic countries, especially in Sweden and Norway, today is an important day. It’s called the Lucia day, and celebrates a Catholic saint who brings light into the dark nights. Children everywhere dress up in white robes, carry silver stars and candles and walk through the dark, behind a girl wearing a crown of lights.
For some strange reason, there are no videos out there of Eurovision artists singing the traditional Lucia song, so instead we bring you a Norwegian song about the lighting of a thousand Christmas candles. And who better to bring us some light in the December darkness than Norway’s first (or at least half…) and latest winners?! And for good measure we’ll throw in one of the country’s “nul points” too…

Elisabeth Andreasen, or Bettan, won the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest for Norway, as half of the duo Bobbysocks. They won with “La det swinge”, earning a total of 123 points.
Alexander Rybak won in 2009, with “Fairytale”, receiving a record-breaking 387 points.
Tor Endresen represented Norway in the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. He performed “San Fransisco”, finishing last, with 0 points.

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