Which Eurostar had the best single in 2015?

It’s been a fun two days checking how you, our reader, voted for the best Eurostar Single of 2015. Results went up and down and often it seemed like the final result could go any way. The final however turned out to have quite the runaway winner…
In our final, four women from the Eurovision Song Contest history took on the task of convincing their fans to vote for them and give them the honourable title of Best Eurostar Single. These four were Lena, Nicki French, Ruth Lorenzo and Anggun, in a duet with Florent Pagny.
A good amount of you voted and that brought us to the following results:

  1. Ruth Lorenzo – 99: 57%
  2. Lena – Wild & Free: 29%
  3. Anggun & Florent Pagny – Nos Vies Parallèles: 10%
  4. Nicki French – This Love: 4%

At this point, it’s time to congratulate Ruth Lorenzo with her convincing victory. You have decided that her single 99 is the Best Eurostar Single of 2015!

Nick van Lith

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