Stockholm 2016

Germany’s second choice

After all the tohubohu with the NDR chosing Xavier Naidoo as the representative for Stockholm and then withdrawing again after an unreasonable mass of critical attacks, it has now been decided that Germany will go their usual and proved to be (not really) successful way. Ten artists will be competing at “Unser Lied für Stockholm” on February 25th, the winner of which will be chosen by the audience. Although the NDR hasn’t released any names yet, there are of course already assumptions and rumors about possible candidates going round.
For instance, the name Olli Schulz appears on the surface. This would be a rather unconventional choice as he wouldn’t represent Gemany with Eurovisional mainstream pop, but with most likely melancholic German-speaking singer-songwriting stuff. The Eurovision stage might be a little too big for Olli Schulz, though, as he is more the theatre hall kind of guy who is known for reaching out to his audience by telling stories in between songs.

A more Eurovision-suitable candidate might be the electropop band Mia, which has already tried to attend the Song Contest back in 2004 when they didn’t really stand a chance against Max Mutzke. Lead singer Mieze Katz (yes, that’s German for kitty cat) was later standing on the other side as a member of the German jury in 2012. In case the rumors are to be trusted and Mia is really a possible candidate for Stockholm, we can probably expect an extravagant performance with short and colourful outfits, possibly feathers involved – definitely Eurovision material.

Furthermore, the Swiss/German pop duo BOY might or might not compete in the German national final. The duo goes for a modern and individual singer-songwriter-style with songs that easily get you caught, like “Little Numbers” from BOY’s second album released in 2011.

A very young German up-and-coming alleged candidate for the German pre-selection is called Namika who’s first successful record “Lieblingsmensch” was all over the German radio stations last summer. A less annoying song of hers is “Hellwach” which placed seventh at the Bundesvision Song Contest – the German counterpart to the Eurovision Song contest on a national level. Namika’s musical style can be described as somewhat heading towards soft German hip-hop. As Germany tended to send newcomers to Eurovision in the past, Namika might be on course for Eurovision.

Another newcomer who is said to take part in “Unser Lied für Stockholm” is Joris, who also created quite a hit last spring with “Herz über Kopf”. We have singer-songwriter-work going on here again, which is quite popular in Germany in general these days.
Other names that might be connected to the national final according to (interestingly enough accompanied by pictures published on in December) are Wilhelm tell me, Benne, Cäthe, AnnenMayKantereit, Malky, Sara Hartmann, and Miu. Those add up to twelve possible candidates, while there will be only ten participants according to the official announcement. So, it remains questionable if we should trust the leaked information.

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